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Color Gets Emotional

By March 18, 2016April 27th, 2022No Comments

There are a ton of colors in the spectrum and they’re said to reflect more than just their visual space. Color emits an emotion for many people.

That’s why we’re outlining several color combinations to elicit certain responses from the human mind.

For example, the color orange emits warmth and clarity whereas red brings about excitement. So when you choose your newest brand identity be sure to showcase it in a light that showcases what YOU want.

Here’s  a quick summary of colors and their responses as set by some well known folks in the industry.

  • YELLOW expresses optimism, clarity and warmth
  • ORANGE brings out a friendly, cheerful and confident feeling
  • RED equates to excitement, youth, and being bold
  • PURPLE portrays creative, imagination and wise
  • BLUE is trust, dependability, and strength
  • GREEN breeds peacefulness, growth and health
  • GRAY is balance, and calmness